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Kids of Jamaica Need Our Help


The Hedo Rockers would like to invite everyone within our group to participate in our 1st Touch of Love Donation. The kids of Jamaica need our help to help further their educational needs. These kids range in ages from 3-12 years of age. We need everyone to gather up school supplies and fit as many items as you can into a back pack or book bag of your choice so we can personally visit a school near the resort and present the school with these gifts. You can give one or two or how ever many you would like. The more the better. We have chosen The New Testament Early Childhood Institution near the West End of Negril. We have chosen this school due to a close friend of ours who’s son is the same age as these children. Ages range from 3-5. The school has approx 63 children in attendance. Give a big shout out to Charlene aka Sunshine who works at the front desk of the resort and who has worked very hard in the past present and future for all of us. She has shown us over the years that she indeed has a big heart and we would like to take the time to dedicate our first Touch of Love Donation to Jayden her son.

During our trip to the Childhood Institution we will be stopping for lunch and a shopping adventure. The school is a very short distance from the resort, but worth the time spent. Please we need everyone to gather up your school supplies and fill those book bags/back packs, boy or girl it doesn’t matter so make 2 if you have the time to give to these precious little kindergarteners so they can further themselves in the knowledge of education.

List of supplies that is needed is as follows:

Pens, pencils, paper, construction paper, colored markers and pencils, crayons, glue sticks, scissors, pencil cases, rulers, erasers, coloring books, drawing books, stickers, flash cards, games, puzzles, in-flatable balls, and books by Dr Suess or Busy Town books by Richard Scarry.